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About – Revital HN

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Revital’s story is a transformation that took her life from near collapse to amazing . By using a unique combination of methods that she teaches today, she grew from nearly losing everything to a successful and sought after personal and business development coach.


During this transformation, she studied jewelry design, interior design, architecture, and became a certified Feng Shui consultant. All the while as an extrasensory,  she continued to make great progress in her practice of Energy work; Becoming a recognized clairvoyant reader and healer.


Revital is proud of her more than 30 years of experience in design, which  includes studying at Bezelel, one of the highest rated academies in Israel for art and design. However it was her energy work that was the catalyst for her transformation. She now has over 17 years of energy work experience and uses it to help others break through their own energy blocks at a remarkable pace on their journey to manifest a better life.


Revital often shares that “You know that you have potential and you can feel that deep in your bones but you don’t know what’s stopping you?” Her answer to this is “Well, more often than not, it’s your energy block.


One of the most pivotal times Revital points to in her life is when everything was falling apart. She got to the point of feeling completely crushed. Revital’s spirit, emotionally was gone. So much so that one of meditation masters, as soon as he looked at her, he told her “You’re going to die soon”.


“It was after that moment and then finding energy work that my life began to transform.” She says. “It has allowed me to understand why I am here. How the universe works; How I am able to manifest the things that I truly desire and to become the designer of my own life. I am able to now remove those blocks at lightning speed and I’m here to help you do the same so you can live out the life that you know you’ve meant to live.”

Since having this experience in her own life, Revital has successfully facilitated a transformation in the lives of many of her private clients and students; helping them to achieve better health, relationships, and professional life.